Proč. Krátký slovíčko. Ale když ho znáš, tvůj vnitřní oheň má fakt sílu. Když si ho v sobě nosíš, je velmi jednoduchý dostat se v sobě rychle jinam, vysoko. 

V jednom zahraničním business masterclass jsem dostala za úkol napsat příběh o zkušenosti mého mladšího já, který odráží, proč jsem sportovní koučka. (Příběh je tedy tentokrát v angličtině).


A soccer match. You can hear a man yelling: „Are you normal? We’ve already tried it so many times in practice and you failed again??? I can’t believe my eyes!!!“ What’s going on?

There’s a girl. Really noticeable during the soccergame. Really fast, on fire, you could see how keen on soccer she is. How much she was enjoying the game! Often you can’t find such a fiery soccer boy. Unfortunately, she made quite a huge mistake. She had a great chance for scoring: she was able to get over the last opponent’s defender (made a great fake move), was running 1v1 against the opponent’s goalie but finally missed the goal.

Now she’s sitting on a bench like a rainswept dog. The trainer changed her. She’s out (the game’s still on). And now he‘s scolding her because he’s nervous that thay may lose.

Cut. She’s on her way home with her dad driving. He wants to talk about the match. And obviously about her 1v1 run, as well. She doesn’t want to talk about it!! „Dad. Please. Don’t.“ No, he needs to analyse that. To tell her what she did wrong. What to do better next time. How they played. Why they lost.

„I know, I know, dad!! But please!! Not now“, runs in her mind. She doesn’t say anything, tears in her eyes. „It’s all my fault. We lost because of me. ME!! Everybody thinks that. I know that. I’m a bad forward. I’m a bad soccer player.“ That’s what she says to herself.

Cut. Next time on the team practice. She’s really scared. Nervous. She sees what everybody thinks about her scoring abilities. She knows that for sure even if nobody says a word! She can’t fully enjoy the session. She’s like tied. And she misses her shots on and on again. She looks at her coach carefully… Yes. He’s shaking his head. The practice is over for her. She can’t get relaxed anymore.

When she gets home that day, she’s telling her daddy in tears. She loves soccer but she’s scared at the same time!!! She wants to score goals, really! But she’s got a big fear of disappointing others again. „The trainer will definitely shout again…“ she whispers. And her dad wants to help her again. He’s analyzing what she should do and ends with advice to go and play just for fun, on much lower level.

Yes, that’s my story. And no, that cannot end like this. At the end, I made quite a successful sports career though. I thrived. And I was respected. Not only by my co-players and coaches. Mainly by MYSELF. And I had played really great. Fit and smart. Selfconscious. Till the end of my pro-career.

Cut. A fifteen year’s time since that repeating story of that coach and me. I’m sitting on a tribune watching a soccer match. There’s somebody yelling at a girl…..

Dear little soccergirl, don’t be afraid. You’re a good soccer player. You‘re all right. You’re perfect just as you are. Wish I had known by then… YOU are gonna know. I’m here for you to find out. To help you grow from within. To unleash your potential. 

I’m here for many of you. I want to empower you, support you. Make you dream big, aim high. Thrive! Push women to grow together and support each other. I want to change the womensport.

Máš svoje „PROČ“ jsi začala? Dáváš někomu jinému moc ti tvé proč brát? Vem si svoji sílu zpátky. Spolupracuj se mnou.

Bára, sportovní šamanka

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