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Barbara Vecerova

Feel Your Body Be(a)st!

I cracked the code of having an extraordinary body without endless sacrifice and I have gone even beyond.

You can too.

So let me take you on an enjoyable flow towards the be(a)st version of your body. 

Let’s do this!

I’ll help you balance feminine and masculine energy
by my own process including…

Flow, music, „timelessness“ and „non-performance“, but also

Smart and effective strategies based on the keys of longevity, functional movement, positive body mindset and your unique (Human) Design.

Barbara - visionary

3 pillars of Feel your Body Be(a)st journey:

move often


often in smart and enjoyable ways

move often


with your design unapologetically

move often


your body, mind and soul
with the keys of longevity

Movement you and your body
deeply enjoy and take the best out of.

Let‘s create the Art of your Life
through your own Body.


Let‘s create the Art of your Life
through your own Body.

Hi, conscious leader of your community!

Im Barbara,

a buddy for you and your body
and an empowering catalyst for your transformation.

I’ll guide you through an enjoyable flow to feeling your Be(a)st Body!

Buckle up, this is gonna be
an unforgettable experience!

I have loved moving my beautiful body since I was a baby.

Yet, for a long time, I’ve felt like I’m on a rollercoaster ride with my own beliefs about myself and my own body. Never good enough, seeking validation from others and in my high performance. With stepping into my 5th decade of my life this year, after a long journey, I’m at a point where I accepted my body fully alongside acknowledging who I am, what our purpose together is.

My vision is to be able to do that till I’m a really really old lady. I see a vibrant wise woman full of life, happily living surrounded by her family in love, traveling beautiful places, living the purpose of her soul. That ignites and motivates me everyday.
And I want that for you, too!

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